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BlackShore - weather with SENSAT

BlackShore offers real time weather information in various aspects

For example at a resolution of 1km (which is very high) we know in your region the exact temperature of Earth's surface in real time.
This can for example be interesting if you need support with predicting road conditions for smart driving, the managing of coolant island in the context of smart cities or for example the detection of certain pest outbreaks such as Bark beetles eating up your forests. 


We can hep you for example with Air Temperature, 

Land Surface Temperature, Rainfall, UV radiation, Ozone, Particle, Pollen, Dust, Comfort indexes, Road slipperyness, Winds. In addition, sometimes we can calulate parameters using the above mentioned parameters to indicate if roads can be slippery or not. We can work together on this!

High resolution weather imaging for the Netherlands

BlackShore Weather for Health, Smart Cities, Traffic, Sports, Safety, Agriculture and more.

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