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Crowd Generated Maps with Cerberus

What is Cerberus? Cerberus is a crowdsourcing platform in which we bend ‘brain power’ abundantly present in the gaming industry to good causes.


Some themes Cerberus is and has been used for are:

  • Mapping Disasters so we can better plan help efforts

  • Rescuing Refugees to supply them, or getting them out of harm's way

  • Detection of illegal rainforest cut and put a stop to it

  • Supporting Farmers in developing countries to become smart and feed their communities

  • The detection of illegal fishing to protect our oceans

Cerberus is using game elements inspired by the existing gaming industry to motivate her crowd of 1000s so they help us to convert satellite imagery into maps faster, more thorough and cost effective versus experts.

The advantage of using human mappers above machine learning systems is that they can map not only based on directly visual recognition of elements, but also based on context creating the surrounding region into account.
In addition, since Cerberus connects the global public directly to world problems without asking them to leave their living room works as a vessel of communication showing that it truly matters to help out. 


Try it your self by downloading Cerberus here for the following platforms:


Cerberus: Solving world problems with the power of the crowd, satellites and a bit of gaming

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