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Very High Resolution (VHR) Grade Satellite Imagery through BlackShore

A key resource for BlackShore's crowd generated maps consist out of satellite images or for example aerial and drone imagery. Getting it can be complicated since there can be a difference in quality, urgence, if you want to have an x-ray view of earth for example and budgetary aspects involving the use of open or commercial satellite data. 

So, for your own goals we help you in making the right choice for the right type of imagery. Preferred sensor suppliers are Airbus Defence and Space, Maxar and Europe's Copernicus services since they allow us to zoom in down to 30 centimeters!

Since BlackShore's Cerberus is award winning mapping disasters most, but not all source imagery processed involves material copyrighted by Maxar Technologies, European Space Imaging and Airbus Defence and Space which is  provided under COPERNICUS by the European Union and the European Space Agency (ESA) with all rights reserved. 

Satellite Imagery as Art:

Newly added, since it is a pity just to leave all of the beautiful imagery we have gathered throughout all of our projects just in the archives we have made some works printable on metal. 

Both because they are aesthetically beautiful, but also tell stories of our world they would be perfect conversation starters.

Here on Displate you can find them. Some works go by themselves, but some are collectable. Works are organized across Earth and Mars. These prints would be amazing in your:


  • Board room

  • Conversation rooms

  • Home offices

  • Or for the adventurer, in your living room!

Satellite Imagery as Art with BlackShore

Satellite imagery as art: here a preview collection involving one of Cerberus 's Mars archives. 8 images all together create something amazing for in your home office for example. Click the image to have a look at these beautiful works of art. 

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