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Help with the Iraq crisis 2014

The discovery of refugees on mount. Sinjar, Iraq

September 2014:, "Let's help the Iraq war victims now! Today we present to you two IS invaded locations as seen with our satellite imagery taken yesterday August 18, 2014, on the slopes of -and around Mount Sinjar. ...

We really could use your help by mapping roads, impassable area's but also area's of suspicious activity and other features.

The maps we generate will be used to better understand what is happening and to support the relief organisations over there to help all the refugees suffering from this terrible crisis.

As a results from this study our crowd has managed to detect among locations of suspected horror refugees stranded near the end of a dried river bed. Well hidden, but suffering form the heat of the sun in barely one day we managed to detect their geo location with a precision of decimeters. In addition what was mapped were area's to safely drop supplies in the immediate neighbourhood.

Help with the Iraq crisis 2014
Captured August 18, 2014) image of mount Sinjar region covering a number of cities.

Demonstrating the interface mapping Iraq 2014

Some in game interaction.

Posted by Cerberus on maandag 25 augustus 2014
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