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REDD+, Reducing Emissions from Deforestation and Forest Degradation

Level up: Crowdsourcing as a Service using ESA's open data

Started June 2015 supported by ESA's Integrated Applications Programme (IAP*) BlackShore is doing a feasibility study towards the use of open data in combination with crowdsourcing. For this study BlackShore is targeting REDD+** in order to conserve the Earth's lungs while helping third world economies to develop. REDD stands for the reduction of emissions from deforestation and degradation and is a globally UN endorsed programme.

To help in this field we intend in the first place to rely on the Sentinel-2’s vegetation mapping capabilities. From this, supporting REDD BlackShore is going to choose for a dual approach using her crowd where we will focus on both the monitoring of rainforests conditions and the monitoring of third world crop growing activities surrounding the rainforests.  Combining these two is important, because for example in Ghana 50% of deforestation is caused by agricultural expansion since existing farm plots get fertilized rapidly due to old fashioned farming techniques. Rainforest soil on the other hand is highly fertile, so the farmers are highly tempted in cutting down rain forest to farm elsewhere to gain income. We belief however, together with the knowledge partners 33Forest Capital and Airbus DS in this feasibility study we can use satellite information and other innovations to better make use existing land plots so there is no need to sacrifice rainforest anymore by local farmers. Moreover it is a goal to significantly boost yield on existing crop locations and thus to grow economies while we sustain the rainforests to at least slow down climate change.

Hence forth in this case we will use the crowd to monitor the rainforests and help measuring vegetation quality and to detect for example illegal logging locations. On the other hand we will ask the crowd to help with farming in reality through our serious computer game where we will ask the public for example look for diseased crops, help planning irrigation, and identify crops and any other features which could make farming more efficient. On top of this through Cerberus’s micro transaction system, the crowdsourcing system also becomes a crowdfunding system. While paying little money in game, we are actually going to enable the crowd to help developing third world regions with innovative solutions by constructing structures such as irrigation systems on top of the satellite imagery. Here we are going to investigate if we can utilize the wisdom of the crowd while they become aware of food production not to only map, but also co-create.

*New Space Applications Supported By Open Data And Crowdsourcing

**REDD+ stands for countries efforts to reduce emissions from deforestation and forest degradation, and foster conservation, sustainable management of forests, and enhancement of forest carbon stocks (Forest Carbon Partnership). Goals

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