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The Philippines 2013

"mapping HELP with tyhoon HAIYAN needed"

December 2013: Immediately after Typhoon Haiyan hit the Philippine island of Bantayan, BlackShore launched Cerberus, available on Facebook. The game went viral and 1200 players produced operational maps of the island in a record time. The maps were shared with relief support teams from Cordaid, a development organisation involved in disaster response. While enjoying the game in itself, people also got a sense of taking part in the relief efforts in the Philippines.

The first launch demonstrated the capability of the platform to provide operational maps in rush-mode and allowed BlackShore to develop new partnerships with agencies active in environment, education or crisis management.

 « Crowdsourced gaming is a novel and very promising approach that might give access to a larger and broader group of digital volunteers than currently is the case" Marc van den Homberg, CORDAID
Damage map generated by the crowd existing of over 8000 annotations.

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