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Problem with data

We live in an era when vast amounts of data are being generated from a lot of sources. An example are satellites which photograph planetary surfaces in great detail. The problem is that these satellites such as ESA's Mars Express transfer such amounts of data back to earth that the relative small amount of involved researchers. This means there isn't enough capacity to process all available data so important discoveries might remain hidden.

Diagram: In general the problem is that we have a lot of data which due to a
limited amount of research capacity doesn't reach its full knowledge potential.


The solution would be to reinforce the researchers so more of the available data gets processed. This solution is exactly what the Cerberus platform brings. Cerberus offers additional processing capacity in the form of a 'crowdsourcing' serious computer game which presents the to be processed data to its players. By doing this Cerberus significantly increases research output which then automatically leads to more knowledge.

Diagram: The solution is that the Cerberus platform reinforces the research
capacity which transforms the bottle neck in a rapid data analysis engine. This
could result in an enormous boost of new knowledge.

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